Friday, March 29, 2013

It's a sweatpants kind of day

Hi Dolls

I just came home from Århus, and I am so exhausted. Im wearing my new sweatpants with PU pockets from Asos, that I showed you guys a few days ago. They are SO comfy to wear, definitly happy I bought them!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Click click ups!

Hi dolls :-)

Have you ever tried sitting in school, bored as fuck, and then recieving an e-mail about 25% off on your favourite webside??
Well this week I did! Aww, my visa card hates me, haha. I simply couldnt recist ordering some stuff home from Asos, when they had 25 % off from EVERYTHING! Oh yes, you heard me. Everything. I actually think I controlled myself, I didnt go as crazy as I could have done.
Here is what I ordered:
Plain black Converse All Star hi-top (Kind of a must have)

Oversize love/hate t-shirt

Sweatpants with PU pockets

Black leggins in pleat effect

Leggins in tribal print

Oversize shirt with foil effects

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ice baby ice

Hi dolls :-)

The calender says march 21st, but the weather says december.. Im on the edge of a winter depression... I really need some sun and some warm weather.
Anyway, yesterday I went to see Kia and celebrate her birthday, since I was in CPH on her real birthday last week. Despite the cold weather I wore this outfit:

Tights, top and beanie from H&M - Denim shirt from Vero Moda - Shoes from Jeffrey Campbell - Lipstick from Mac

Monday, March 18, 2013

Summer, Im craving you!

As the title says, Im craving for some summer! Warm days, warm nights, cold drinks, nice tan. Im craving soooo bad!!!! Am I really the only who is on the edge of getting a depression? Seriously snow and minus degrees in march? Oh please.
Luckly I heard my parents talk about booking a vaccation for all of us this summer, so it looks like Im off to Spain in a few months ;-) With that in mind, I might be able to keep going.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Brielle stud peplum dress

Hi dolls :-)

A few weeks ago I ordered this amazing dress from Missguided, and it is absolutly a must have! Tight black dress with gold studs and a peplum skirt, I love it.

Some of you might already have seen it on Facebook or Instagram (katrinepl), but here are some more pictures of it.

P.S my make-up is done by the amzaing make-up artist Matilde from MAC.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pretty in pink part 2

Hi dolls :-)

Yesterday me and my mom went shopping together - didnt really buy anything though... I wore my "new" pink sweater from Missguided, shorts, hat and tights from H&M.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fedtfrysning - LipoCryo

Note: This blogpost will only be in danish, sorry :-)

Hejsa :-)

Som jeg vidst nævnte for et stykke tid siden, så var jeg til forundersøgelse til en alternativ fedtsugning; LipoCryo. Idag var så dagen hvor behandlingen fandt sted i de dejlige omgivelser hos Body Institute, I vejgaard.

Jeg skulle møde nede på klinikken kl. 8, til min behandling af nedre mave. Jeg blev taget i mod af den søde Marianna som viste mig ind i behandlingsrummet. Her blev der målt, vejet og taget billeder. Jeg må ærligt indrømme, at jeg har været en del skeptisk over denne behandling. Kan man virkelig fjerne fedt ved, at frysse det ned?Åbenbart.

På billederne ovenfor ses selve maskinen. ^^
Jeg blev placeret i en behagelig stol/briks hvor efter Marianna så koblede monsteret til ;-) Og så kunne jeg ellers ligge der og slappe en times tid.
Maskinen virker således, at vakumet suger "flæsket" ind i hulet hvor huden så bliver kølet ned til ca. 3 grader. Fedtcellerne bliver så udskilt via. leveren; og ja du skal rende på toilettet tit!
Det gjorde ikke spor ondt, det kunne dog godt mærkes, at der blev suget godt til! Men når først huden var bedøvet, så mærkede jeg faktisk ikke noget til det.

Her kan man se maskinen som er koblet på mig.

Resultatet kan først ses efter 1-3 måneder, så nu må jeg spændt vente :-)

Friday, March 1, 2013

1st of march

Hi dolls!

Finally spring is arriving!! The sun is shining and the temperature rising, it just feels good. How can you not be happy on the day like this? And oh yes, by the way, its friday! :D Wohooo.

After a short day in school, I went to work for a few hours. It is always good to earn some cold cash ;-)

I dont know what Im up to this weekend, any sugestions? Tomorow Im probably going to the gym and then tanning and sunday I have to work. Maybe I should go out tonight, we will see ;-)

What are you guys up to the weekend?

Todays casual dressing: Sweatshirt and jeans from Gina Tricot