Monday, April 30, 2012

LBP - Little black purse

LBP - Little black purse

ALDO clutch handbag
$40 -

Monsoon velvet clutch
£30 -

Mango chain handbag
€20 -

Hermès black handbag
$17 -

Jane Norman croc clutch
£8 -

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Low price summer dresses

Low price summer dresses

Chiffon dress
£18 -

Club L chiffon dress
£26 -

AX Paris cotton summer dress
£21 -

H m dress
£15 -

Orange dress
$40 -

Saturday in pictures

Elvis the she-bunny :D
Skinny bitch - actually really good!

Anne-Sofie likes the art
Partners in crime
Rikke and Theresa
Got a little captain in you?
Drunk in the taxi
Beer for the swedish flicka
Partners in crime

Express yourself

Hahahaha me and A.S got the brilliant idea yesterday, that she should do different expressions - and here is the result!






Outfit of yesterday

As promised here is the outfit i wore yesterday at the party :)
- Dress from
- Blazer from H&M
- Shoes from H&M

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Girls night out!

Tonight me and the chicas are going out to celebrate Kamilla and Theresa - going to be wet and wild haha. I will post some pictures tomorow :) Now I will go back to la familia and celebrate my brother, whom is turning 15 today - congratulation Mikkel :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Outfit of today and yesterday

Outfit of yesterday - Jeggins from H&M
- Top/Dress from Pieces
- Watch from Copenhagen
Outfit of today
- Skull t-shirt Gina Tricot
- Pants Vero Moda'
- Shoes Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike

Do it yourself: bracelet

Hiii dolls :)
I just got home from school, had a law test today - just hope Im gonna pass!! Tonight my dad is having some friends over, so Im going to Anne-Sofies place, just chilling and having fun.
Tomorow it is brothers birthday, so we are just going to celebrate him, and then later that night Im going out with the girls :D
Hope your going to have a great weekend :)!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lesson number 1 for the guys

Leather jackets

Hi Dolls :)
Just thought that I share some of my favorite leather jackets, so enjoy :)!
I really like number 2 and 3, so if any of you know where to buy them, please share :)
Xoxo Kat

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My name is Lady Clou

Ahhhhhhhh these are number 1 on my wish list!!!!! Lady Clou by Christian Louboutin - I like this nude/creme color, but they are also fierce in grey. They can be bought in Louboutins shop in Copenhagen, and they cost around 6700 DKK.

Great just great!

Of course my computer chose to delete EVERYTHING on it yesterday! Just because I "had" to click on one just one link on Facebook, I got a virus that just started to delete one thing after another.... Luckly I just managed to save my school dokuments, but pictures and everything is gone with the wind.. Thank you! Now, Im glad Ive posted a lot of pictures here and on Facebook, so I can get them back.
My advice for you; Do not click on anything on facebook unless you trust it to have no virus!
So now I have to re-do everything from scratch..

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Girl, show your back.

As the title says; show your back! If you have a pretty back, why not show it off? I love shirts and dresses that shows my back, i think it is way more sexy to show your back than your breast.
What do you guys think - back or breast?

New spikes from JC

Ohhhhhh look at these new models from Jeffrey Campbell!!! The model is still Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike, its just new colors. Im crazy about the red one, they would be perfect to a simple black look with fierce red lips.
Which one do you like?

Monday, April 23, 2012


A touch of blue

I love to wear black - black is just my color haha. But sometimes it is good to color it up, e.g. with a colored shirt. I found this picture of Kim Kardashian wearing black shoes, pants, blazer and then a blue shirt. And how gorgeous does it look?! I love this outfit on her. She still looks sexy but in a classy and more business woman way.

23rd of april

Good morning dolls :)
Why is it always so hard to wake on mondays? Normally im pretty fresh in the morning, but not on mondays! I feel like jmy bed is just screaming on me to come back, and I so want to! Anyways I did get up and now Im sitting here in my Micro Economics class, and what a wonderful feeling.... NOT. There is just something about this class that makes me even more tired than I already was before.. (Thanks God for Facebook). So as soon as this class is over Im off to the gym, hopefully that will make more fresh.
Im sorry I didnt get to blog as much this weekend, but I was working night shift at the bakery both saturday and sunday. Its funny everytime I had night shift, Im not able to do anything the whole weekend. Im just laying in bed all day and not doing a thing. Eventhough I have been working there for almost 5 years, I dont think I will ever get used to it.

What are you guys up to on a monday?

Xoxo Kat

Skull up your wardrobe

Alexander McQueen launced his new purse collection, and I love it! Im crazy about the little skull details, and that they still look feminin.
What do you guys think? Is it a bit to much?