Friday, December 7, 2012

Today and me: winter wonderland

Hi dolls :-)

Sorry I havent been that active lately, but yesterday was my birthday so that took up some of my time :-) I promise to post some pictures of my presents later.

Today was kind of a love/hate day for me.. I woke to a winter wonderland; snow on the ground, but still a whole lot of sun. How can that not make you happy?
Okay, back to the hate part. My mom have for years been wanting a picture of me and my brother, you know the pro ones. I simply hate taking family pictures, you always look so forced. Anyway, this year was the year for her to have one. Me and Mikkel went to the photographer and had them taking, they actually came out okay..

So today for the christmas shoot I wore boots from Senze, tights and dress from H&M

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