Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 1-5

Hi dolls

Here is a little update on my sugery:

Day 1, december 19th:

The day for the sugery had come! I was so excited, and had barely slept that night. My dad and I drove there and I got ready for surgery (taken pictures and drawn on).
The sugery it self took around 3.5 hours and everything went as planned. I dont really remember the first 3 hours after, but my dad told me that I had been freezing so much that I went into some kind of cramps. Anyway after six hours I was suppose to go home, but I passed out from pain :/ So they kept me two hours longer. Man, I was in so much pain!

Day 2, december 20th

I dont really remember much of this day, I slept it away. I threw up a lot, because of the morfin :/ Still the pain was going strong

Day 3-4, december 21st + 22nd

These days I was feeling a slightly bit better, not sooo much pain, but still in pain. The worst part of these days was not being able to go to the toilet (again because of morfin), and also my back was killing me from laying down.

Day 5, december 23rd

Today Im actually doing okay regarding to the pain, but my back is getting worse! When your use to sleeping on your stomach, this is the worst feeling ever not being able to.
I took some lactose pills last night, and they worked!
Beside this, I dont sleep that much doing the night (I think its because of the back), so that suck ass!

Right now Im just counting down the last 5 days untill I can sleep on the side! YAAAY!

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