Sunday, December 16, 2012

Countdown: 3 days

Hi lovebugs! :)

How are you guys? Getting excited for christmas, hehe?
My nerves are clearly starting to show, and no not because of christmas. In exactly 3 days, on wednesday the 19th, is the day Im having my big surgery. I have kinda mixed feelings about it right now. On one hand Im super excited and cant wait, but on the other hand Im so nervous and cant stop thinking what if something goes wrong (of course nothing does). To be put to sleep for almost 4 hours is quite a long time, but I know I will be surrouned by the best team in Aalborg.

Just thought I would let you guys follow my little journey here, so it probably wont be fashion and outfit pictures I will be posting for a while. Let me know if it gets to borring to read about :)


xoxo Kat

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