Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Countdown: 1 + outfit of the day

Hi dolls :-)

Damn this day has been awfull! I didnt get any sleep last night - been up and turning around all the time. Throughout the day I have been feeling really sick - nauseous and just really sick to my stomach. My nerves are about to explode.
Hopefully by this time tomorow, I will be ready to head home again. Maybe I have to stay there for the night, but I dont know.

The feeling Im having now is "what if", what if I dont wake up, what if something goes wrong. Am I doing the right thing? But of course I am. I will try not to think about it anymore tonight and just spend the night with my family. <3

After school today I went to meet up with Kia, always such a pleasure to see her. I wore my black pants from Pieces, shirt and blazer from H&M, belt from Vero Moda, gold ring from ASOS and red lips from MAC.

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