Monday, July 2, 2012

Why can't guys take responsibility?!

Ahh it pisses me off even when I just think about it - Why can't guys grow up and be a god damn man?!! Seriously, they always seem to just take the easy way out. Everytime there is a small problem, its easier to just back off and leave instead of working things out.
Sometimes I really wish I could be a man - just for a day, so I could see how they think (if they even do). Why can't all guys just be loving and caring, and yea mature? If you want a mature guy, you more or less have to find one on 40+ something..
Hmm, maybe Im just overreacting a bit, but come on. It is not that hard to fight for something if you really want it. Or at least have balls enough to walk away with your dignity.
Is the perfect guy really out there somewhere? Some people say, that if you try change the guy then your the one with issues. Maybe they are right.....

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