Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 1 and 2 in Copenhagen

Hi dolls :)
Yesterday was the day I had been looking forward to in a while - going to Copenhagen to be with my boyfriend. We dont see each other that often, so I enjoy every minute with him.
As mentioned, yesterday was the day - I was going to drive with Micki, Anne-Sofies brother and to other guys. One of the guys was a friend of Micki, but the other guy we had no clue about. There is this page called, where you can find people and drive with, then you just pay a small amount for it. Anyways as we were getting closer to place where we should pick the last guy up, the nerves was getting there. Does he smell? Is he a criminal? Young or old? We had literally no clue. So we tried to call his number and see if any of the guys around the station would pick (in case he was one of the listed things, we could just drive by). Luckly the guys was pretty cool and easy to have a conversation with (and he did not smell haha). We arrived in Copenhagen rather late, but it was all good. Me and Beee just spend the night watch a movie - or actually he did, I fell a sleep, haha.
Today I woke up kinda early to make him breakfast, and get ready to go shoppppppppping :D! Buuuut, do you know that feeling, when you do have the money and lust for shopping, you cant find anything. And guess what, that was what happend today! I really couldnt find any clothes I wanted, not even a cute dress.... I bought a pair of shoes, some tights and a purse (I will upload pictures on monday).
Now Im just home relaxing, waiting for Beee to get home. Dont know what we are doing for dinner, I kinda wanna go out and eat, just spend some quality time - me and him.

Hope you guys are enjoying the weekend as much as I am.
xoxo Kat

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