Monday, April 16, 2012

Today is a good day

Today is passed my Project 3 and business economics, yay! Im sooo happy, and fínally I can see an end on this semester. This one has just been a long and hard semester, with one project after another... But, now its starting to clear up a bit - not so many classes left (thanks god for that). So after a hard workout at the gym, I felt like rewarding myself with a little something hihi ;) and no, not sweets. I went to Matas to buy a pastel purple nailpolish from Depend, and then I saw that my bronzer from Rimmel London was back in stock. I had to get one of those! They just give you the pefect finish and sunkissed skintone, and its only 59 DKK.
Now Im just relaxing in my woooooonderful-perfect-fantastic Jumpin :D I looove it!

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