Monday, April 23, 2012

23rd of april

Good morning dolls :)
Why is it always so hard to wake on mondays? Normally im pretty fresh in the morning, but not on mondays! I feel like jmy bed is just screaming on me to come back, and I so want to! Anyways I did get up and now Im sitting here in my Micro Economics class, and what a wonderful feeling.... NOT. There is just something about this class that makes me even more tired than I already was before.. (Thanks God for Facebook). So as soon as this class is over Im off to the gym, hopefully that will make more fresh.
Im sorry I didnt get to blog as much this weekend, but I was working night shift at the bakery both saturday and sunday. Its funny everytime I had night shift, Im not able to do anything the whole weekend. Im just laying in bed all day and not doing a thing. Eventhough I have been working there for almost 5 years, I dont think I will ever get used to it.

What are you guys up to on a monday?

Xoxo Kat

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