Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hair with hold!

A bad hairday?? never!
Always I have sworn to the wax RENATI ROCK HARD, well time change so now to try something new I discovered Craft Clay from Sebastian, I must say after using Renati for 7 years this is the best buy I did after renati, even althought I don't like the smell. BUT! by using the perfect hairspray from TRESemmé extra hold 4 the smell disappears, as a finish I like the 24 hour body volume spray.
It's told that you have to use it right after shower like the saltwater spray, well did you always do what ya mama told ya? no. So I use the 24 hours body as the last finish! And yes you get VOLUME!
So now im ready for even the worst storm to arrive.

Next time i'm testing shampoos, so stay tuned.


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