Friday, January 6, 2012

The Body Shop

I wanna tell the whole world about a friend of mine...
Body Shop is probably my favorite store number 1, they have it all, it´s a little expensive but the lifetime of the products is amazing because you only have to use few drops.
I´m in love with all of it, but here is a few things from my selction.

I´m an oily skin type, bad? yes sometimes when there is a season of zits coming, good? yes,
you´re skin is more protected in the sun and you´re skin will start wrinkle late in your life.
I use the Tea tree lotion at day which keep my skin fresh and clean, for washing I use the seaweed products for combined skin.
For my body I love the body butters, such a good scent and thick consistency, I have 3 favorites: Body Butter Duo Floral Açai, Mango Body Butter and Shea Body Butter

If you are the user of mineral make-up, body shop has the new Extra Virgin Minerals™ Make-Up,
it´s incredible and looks very natural.

Well, besides my favorites they have almost everything, skincare for men, hair products, all for the face and the body as well as differrent accessories.

check out the webpage


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