Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Quote of the day


Today I went shopping, I really needed a new suitcase that can fit into handluggage. And of course I came home with more....

Purple suitcase from Neye
Mineralized powder from MAC
René Fris intense repair (shampoo + conditioner)
Dress from Nelly (front)
Dress from Nelly (back)

A.S and the hats!

After a nice brunch with Anne-Sofie, she decided to try on some hats, and she works them all ;) hahahaha

Take one step at a time

My beloved tattoo. It really reminds me to take one step at a time. And also a memorial tattoo for all with cancer or people who experienced it on a loved one.

Something old

I miss u

- Mickey

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I hate to wait!!

I ordered a new dress online, and I think it is supposed to come today. I cant really go anywhere untill the mail man is here, otherwise I wont get the dress untill tomorow. Arrrgh... And I really wanna go to the gym while there is not so many people, it sucks to be waiting. Feels like Im wasting time..

Quote of the day


I think Rihanna is soo fierce, she dont give a f*** about others oppinion.
What do you guys think?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Is this okay??

The other day I was watching a show called Toddlers and Tierras, its about children doing beauty pageants. I dont know what I think about it.... In one way I think its okay and they look so cute, but I mean a kid is a kid, let them play. So I guess if the child actually enjoy it, its okay. But if the parent push them to do it, it is so wrong. I dont even think its good for the skin to wear so much make-up in such a young age.
Here are some pics, what do you guys think??

Pink inspiration

Monday, January 23, 2012


Im actually feeling better. It has almost been two weeks now since I had surgery, and now Im able to eat a bit more. Cant wait to start training again hehe, eventhough Ive lost like 5 kilos or something (yea I know its only water and bla bla). I have this goal, that I would like to lose 8 kilos. So lets see if Im able. ;)

xoxo Kat

Quote of the day


I love color-blocking. I think it is so fresh and girly. It is so gonna be a hit again this year, I know Im going to use it. I found some pics online, so you guys can see some combinations.
What do you think about color-blocking??


Hahahahahaha, this one is gooooooood. Hope she dumped that guy!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tokyo Fashion

I found some pictures of the famouse Harajuku girls on this page: Tokyofashion.com
I think they are amazing and BRAVE! I wouldnt dare to go out in public like that, but in Japan this is fashion. You go girls!

Quote of the day

Sick as fuck!

Man Im soooo sick! I had surgery last wednesday (in my throat), and it hurts SO bad!!!!! Imagine a normal infection in your throat and then times 10! Thats how bad it hurts. Im only allowed to eat cold food and food I can actually swallow. So more or less I survive on ice cream, portato mash, scrambled eggs and yoghurt :(... I feel so pathetic hehe. But there is one good thing about all of this - I loose weight, and I loose lots of it :D!

Dedication to my love

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Beyoncé and Jay Z just had a baby :D! Beyoncé gave birth to a babygirl named Ivy Blue Carter, so congratulation from us.
Btw that girl can't be anything less than god damn pretty with those parents.

xoxo Kat and Mickey

Friday, January 6, 2012

My day starts with a YAAAAY!

I passed my exam today :D Now i can relax for a few day, and not think about any school work untill 1/2 ;)
Now I gotta meet up with Anne-Sofie and grab something to eat. So ciao for now.

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